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This platform has not been funded and therefore we are asking subscribers to buy us a coffee, bottle of wine or a round if you are able to. Please pay what you can to help us with the fees for this platform.


This is a two part experience.


From the 18th - 24th May, we will be opening an interactive platform filled with content around the making of the show. It will also give you the option of joining in the happenings of the rehearsal room. This platform will allow you to engage and interact with the company, give ideas and complete creative tasks so that you can be a part of the making of the show. It will also feature exclusive content from interviews, to video diaries and daily challenges. To subscribe to the platform, please fill out the form on this page.


On the 24th May, you can actually buy tickets for the final scratch night performance taking place IRL at Omnibus theatre. To book show tickets click here.


You can book for either or both!