Ruth-Magdaléna Schmidtová on BAM 2019

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

BAM19 was very challenging and educative journey. From start to finish. I remember how intense and rewarding even the auditions were. Since the beginning we (performers) were pushed and challenged in lot of different ways. From running and singing in pouring rain to draining workouts, bruises and sweaty floors. We danced and run. Went on a journey to Jurassic Park and came back. Drunk lot of water and sailed many seas. However, it wasn’t always as easy as dancing to Nina Simone.

I remember struggling during the rehearsal process before the debut in Rome. It was very demanding both physically and mentally. I had a hard time trusting myself and my body and was struggling to keep up. However, thanks to our following work on London shows, I’ve learned how to work the ’Bam way’ and quickly adjusted myself to the humid and wet climate.

BAM19 was truly emotional and enriching experience. I am forever grateful that I was accepted, trained and thought by such diverse and authentic group of people who were not afraid to be loud and creative.

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