We have created a new media platform. 

(whispers almost inaudibly) because we are really tired of The Stage, and their ‘coverage’ of the arts, I mean we are just tired of gatekeepers in general… did you see this future of theatre conference, like … REALLY?!


(proclamation) We have created a platform that opens up the world of theatre in a democratic way, a neutral ground, a space for everything and everyone.


This is a really exciting space.Think of it as Vogues lifestyle coverage meets The Stage. It’s all about every angle of theatre and what it takes to be a contemporary artist/ venue/ organisation/ and all in between.

It's about that life.

The theatre life.

We feel like no one really knows what we do, or we are just made fun… these ‘theatre nerds’ that recite Shakespeare and roll around the floors. Especially within the arts media… if you’re not one of the blockbuster stars or crazy director than who are you really?


empty logo state.png

But no worries we are here to sort that out - this platform will entertain and inspire, it will cover stories from FOH staff to the crazy, cool, innovative things graduates are doing to survive and thrive, as well as how arts administrators cope to emerging theatre companies, carpenters, dressers all the way up to Artistic Directors… listen, when we say everyone...


We mean everyone.

[state] is an innovative and unique new media company placing theatre and performing arts in the context of contemporary culture and the world we live in - from how we dress, live and socialize; to what we eat, listen to and watch; as well as who leads and inspires us. Through entertaining video series, we will share the voices and conversations that define what it means to be a contemporary artist/venue/ organisation. What it means to make theatre. Our videos explore topics that include everything from artistic practices and training to our relationship with music, style, sports and pop culture through original shows following artists, organisations and venues.


[state] embraces pop-culture, its informal, relaxed, quirky, spontaneous. We want to know how an actor budgets for lunch, we want to see meal prep videos, we want to see how artists take care of their mental health, what’s their Self-care Sunday routine.

We want to hear designers secret confessions, and see an Artistic Director work Box Office for a day. Competitions, challenges… this is it.

So what’s the catch?



It’s all free - we just need your time.


  1. We chat, discuss what’s right for you/ your venue,

  2. We strategize - come up with a shooting plan in relation to your upcoming season, workshops,

  3. Confirm, schedule, all that jazz

  4. Then our small team will come through on the allocated days, with all the equipment, shoot the thing, edit it together, make some magic.

  5. Done! - Completed it! On to the platform it goes.

  6. Views, view and more views (just like Drake's album, not our fave one through but we respect it).


If you are an individual, company, collective, organisation, venue … (whoever and wherever) and you’re interested and would like to collaborate, please send us an email with the subject STATE STUDIOS.


Looking forward to hearing from you!