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"An artistic universe made up of artists, working internationally, creating a roaming state that encompasses a world of art; this has been mainly theatre and performance practice however it also includes installations, live events, videography, community outreach and artist development."

this is what we do
performance practice
artist development
masterclass + workshops
state studios

Put simply, we make shows, from small scale scratches, installations, videography to mid scale international exchanges with our partners around Europe and beyond. We lead Art Direction for events and art socials as well as event space design.

Performance and Production training - working with universities such as Middlesex University, we run an annual artist international development programme which gives students performance, design and technical training by facilitating the creation of a show that will then be performed at our partner venue Teatro India, The National Theatre of Rome. 

National Theatre of Rome Masterclass, 2019
National Theatre of Rome Masterclass, 2019

National Theatre of Rome Masterclass, 2019
National Theatre of Rome Masterclass, 2019

National Theatre of Rome Masterclass, 2019
National Theatre of Rome Masterclass, 2019

National Theatre of Rome Masterclass, 2019
National Theatre of Rome Masterclass, 2019


We host, lead, facilitate and support workshops around contemporary collaborative practices as well as theatre design and audience participation, this included working with communities and activating spaces through theatre and technology.

An innovative and unique new media company placing theatre and performing arts in the context of contemporary culture and the world we live in - from how we dress, live and socialize; to what we eat, listen to and watch; as well as who leads and inspires us. Through entertaining video series, we will share the voices and conversations that define what it means to be a contemporary artist/venue/ organisation. What it means to make theatre. 

methodology and practise

We define ourselves according to these distinctions;

  1.  redefining spaces,

  2.  design-led performances,

  3. the power of languages, accents and cultures on stage

  4. challenging the role of the audience and allowing their participation to become a part of the performance itself.

  5. development and training, giving opportunities to artist in training to create work on global scale.

artistic directors

Simone is a director, multidisciplinary artist and organiser for theatre. In 2015 he founded the artistic collective "Esercitazioni Invisibili". He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts and Sciences at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome and a Masters in Theater Arts at the Middlesex University of London. From 2015 to 2018 his works are selected by the Public Domain Festival and staged at Teatro India - Teatro di Roma. In 2016 he has been the author, together with Pierpaolo Sepe, of #RevolutionaryRoad, a two-year training course for professional actors on the occasion of the centenary of the Russian Revolution. In 2017 he’s founded ‘ROMING’, a project of international exchange and collaboration between the National Theatre of Rome, Public Domain Festival and Middlesex University of London. He is currently working on the trilogy of creation, a collaborative project between international artists, located in different European countries, whose first chapter - K - made his debut at the Ravensfield Theater in London. In 2019 he became head of the International Coordination at the Dominio Pubblico Festival, the most significant Italian event focused on U25 creativity. He organised meetings, round tables, masterclasses, workshops, theatre and dance performances, collaborating with venues, theatre companies and universities from the UK, Lithuania, Bulgaria, France, Italy.


Phoebe has worked as an Assistant Stage Manager at the Hackney Empire, as a Production Assistant and Assistant Stage Manager with an accessible National touring Company Hot Coals, as well as working as the Company Stage Manager for State of the [art]’s production of Argonautika at the International Youth Drama Festival at the Palazzolo Acreide in Sicily. Phoebe has most recently worked as the Technical Producer for a contemporary adaptation of An Odyssey in collaboration with Middlesex University and State of the [art] at Dominio Pubblico, National Theatre of Rome. In 2015 at the age of 18, Phoebe founded her own Acting School, and has developed it in 2018 to become the SASA School of Performing Arts as she expanded to run street dance, contemporary dance, singing, musical theatre classes, acting classes, workshops and showcases.

In 2017 Phoebe was awarded Role Model of the Year by The Herts Advertiser Community Awards for her contribution to local charities including Age Concern St Albans and Mind Hertfordshire, as well as being passionate and motivated and a role model to the younger generation. Phoebe is also a motivational public speaker. She regularly speaks at Secondary Schools, Career Events, Universities, Colleges and hosts workshops Nationally, to help spread her knowledge and passion about her journey and experiences of a Young Entrepreneur.


Our Associate Artists are performers, designers, directors, technicians, stage managers and every discipline within performing arts and even creative arts, who may have graduated from our BAM programme or collaborators that have worked with us on international projects, they work with us frequently and attend [state] events. Click on their photos if you would like to contact them directly for CV or questions. Alternatively, you can email [state] and we will be able to get a quicker response.